No one has ever, sang linger so beautifully, than you did that night.


To Believe

I said “I don’t believe you,”

To someone I want to forgive.

They told me who I am to them and the kind things I do,

Only to neglect their words that made it difficult for me to live.

I broke my promise to put down my shield,

When we’d one day walk in our forgotten field.

It felt pleasant and warm,

But the air got colder and clouds began to form.

The emerald valley was turning pale,

The colors formed into a grey scale.

But I will not take this as defeat,

We both have glass hearts that continue to beat.

Every beat makes us shatter,

But despite all of this you still matter.

I couldn’t believe you it didn’t feel right,

But you are not darkness, you’re still the light.

Though our days have been cold and dry,

Neither one of us have said good bye.

I will continue to write poetry for as long as I dare,

Because even though I can’t believe you, I will always care.

Empty Carousel

After drinking a bottle of mimosa,

With you in Central Park.

We walked around like explorers

Till we found a peculiar mark.

Over by the pond

Was an empty carousel,

Tempted with curiosity.

We said “what the hell?”

Out of all the horses to sit on,

We chose a carriage for two.

Your head on my chest,

My arms around you.

We forgot we were spinning.

Was it the carousel,

Or the mimosa?